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The primary goal of the Association is the protection of Capercaillie and the cultivation and repopulation of nature with regular monitoring.

President of the Association PhD Ivica Križ has been a huge bird lover since childhood. He had Turkish hens which he prepared for various exhibitions. At the beginning of 2011, he noticed on the cover of the Hunting Gazette the image of a capercaillie, which was the initial capital of the founding of the Tetrijeb (capercaillie) Animal Protection Association on January 19, 2012.

He was greatly supported in this enthusiastic venture by Josip Malnar, PhD. The Croatian Hunting Association and the president of the Hunting Federation of the PGZ, and Mr Anton Arh, the president of the Hunting Society "Tetrijeb" Čabar, as well as the longtime hunter of Mr Ante Džaja.

Results and goals achieved

Chronologically, we can briefly describe the results and goals we have achieved over the years:

  • In 2013, a study on the assessment of the risk of cultivation and repopulation of wild capercaillie (Tetrao urogalus) in nature, on the basis of which the Association "Tetrijeb" was the only one in the Republic of Croatia from the then Ministry of Environment and Nature to obtain a license for cultivation and strictly protected mountain birds from the Ice Age, with only about 100 individuals in the Republic of Croatia;

  • Preparation of Expert study of monitoring of capercaillie in the area of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County for 2015 with the analysis of the reasons of threat and proposal of measures for the protection of capercaillie and its habitats (contractor Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb); Thus, the first systematic and scientific research of this bird began in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, which is a privilege;

  • DNK Development of DNA genetic analysis in cooperation with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb 2014;

  • In 2016, the first chicks of five males and one female hatched. This gave an additional reason for the construction of the Central European International Centre for the Growing of Capercaillie in Gorski Kotar (Republic of Croatia);

  • Signed an Agreement with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the University of Zagreb on May 8, 2018, on scientific and teaching cooperation with the aim of creating more favourable conditions for pursuing their own activities, achieving excellence in the cultivation and research of capercaillie and enriching teaching contents;

  • Signed an Agreement with the Faculty of Forestry, the University of Zagreb on 21 March 2019 on scientific and teaching cooperation with the aim of creating more favourable conditions for pursuing their own activities, achieving excellence in the cultivation and research of capercaillie, and enriching teaching contents;

  • A large aviary measuring 80mx80mx4-8m in height at Farjev Laz, near Tršće, was built, where the Central European International Centre for the Breeding of Capercaillie was built, which became an innovative photo lab tourist offer. The project is worth EUR 800,000.00, which the President of the Tetrijeb Association, Ivica Križ, PhD, in the period from 2014 to 2019, was able to realize without the help of EU funds and loans, but with great support from the state enterprises of the Croatian Forest, HEP, HŽ, then Croatian Hunting Association and LS-PGŽ, as well as local government and self-government units. From the very beginning, the County of PGŽ recognized the seriousness, purpose and importance of the project, co-financing the project from 2014 to 2019 with HRK 652,200.00. On July 27, 2019, the Central European Breeding Centre Tetrijeb in Gorski Kotar was officially opened by the Mayor of the PGZ, Mr Zlatko Komadina, and the President of the Croatian Hunting Association, General Djuro Dečak.
President of Capercaillie Association

PhD Ivica Križ

Phone: +385958185583


Personal data

Nationality: RH
Nationality: Croat RH
Born: 29.10.1974. RH
Place of birth: Postojna RH
Names of parents: Ivan and Ivanka Križ


16.06.1989.Ivan Janeš Primary School Prezid, Croatia;
23.09.1992.Ljubljana Secondary School of Chemistry, chemical laboratory assistant;
09.06.2000.The National University of Rijeka, a technician for protection of persons and property, the high school for four years;
26.02.2001.Passed professional exam for security guard (license);
08.12.2001Passed a professional exam for a firefighter (license);
28.06.2001.School of Chemistry and Graphics Rijeka, chemical process technician;
31.08.2006.Certificate of Proficiency in Italian in Perugia (Italia);
23.10.2008.The University of Zagreb, Catholic Faculty of Theology, acquired the academic title of Master of Theology;
07.05.2012.The University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Islamic Sciences in Sarajevo, acquired the academic title of Master of Science in Comparative Religions;
28.10.2012.Ordained priest at St. Christopher’s Church in Rab;
17.12.2014.He defended his doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus in Zagreb as part of Croatian Studies. Topic: “Theological and Sociological Aspects of Interreligious Dialogue between Christians and Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. Gained the academic title of Doctor of Religious Sciences in the field of humanities, the field of religious sciences.

Professional experience

Priest and University Professor.

Decorations and awards

YearDecorations & awards
12.09.2022Awarded the most recognized National Geographic awards in the category: “Life on land”
15.12.2021Association “Capercaillie” was presented with a silver plaque from the city of Čabar for valuable services and results in the field of breeding and protection of Capercaillie (Tetrao Urogallus).
24.09.2020PhD Ivica Križ received the annual award of PGŽ for the successful work of the Association for the Protection of Animals “Tetrijeb”, whose founder and president he is, and his contribution to the promotion of the breeding of capercaillie, a rare animal species in PGŽ.
04.12.2014Award for the Volunteer of the Year 2014 of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County by the Mayor of Mr Zlatko Komadina for the revitalization of the Capercaillie in the Gorski Kotar forests.

Memberships in social associations

President of Capercaillie Animal Protection Association

Member of the Hunting Society “Tetrijeb” Čabar and member of the Committee for the Entry of Game and Threatened Species LS-PGŽ in the term 2018-2022.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LD Tetrijeb Čabar

Knowledge and skills:

Driving license B category

Working on PC

Knowledge of foreign languages


German language

English language

Slovenian language

Scientific papers

TitleScientific papers
1. BookThe Salesian Society of Ivan Bosco and the Salesians in Croatia, Matica hrvatska, Čabar, 2009;
2. BookIslam in the Light of Bishop Dr T. Jablanović, Matica hrvatska, Čabar, 2012;
3. Book“Dialogue or …”, UMKI, Rijeka, 2015.
4. ArticleIslam in the Light of Interreligious Dialogue with Bishop Tomislav Jablanović, Bishop, Logos, Tuzla, 2012;
5. ArticleDialogue opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Logos, Tuzla, 2015;
6. Book review“Bogumils is eternal”, authored by M.Sc. Vinko Micetic, Rijeka, 2014

Primorsko-goranska County (PGŽ) assigned to the founder PhD Ivica Križ

The Capercaillie Animal Protection Association is primarily concerned with the revitalization of Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus). Our goal is to re-inhabit these strictly protected mountain birds from the Ice Age in Gorski Kotar (Croatia). We cooperate with the Faculty of Veterinary and Forestry, University of Zagreb, as well as with the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MZOIE), where in cooperation with the Croatian Forests (HŠ) we prepare suitable habitats for the resettlement and monitoring of Capercaillie. We are currently developing a management plan for Capercaillie in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MoESIE). Therefore, every and every donation is welcome.

Thank you very much for all the help we need for caring for Capercaillie. All donors will be enrolled in the 2015 Book of Godfathers. Every year 15.01. at the extraordinary Assembly of the Capercaillie Association for the Protection of Animals, the natural or legal person who paid the largest donation in the previous year receives as a gift free wildlife photography on the Capercaillie. The winner will be officially contacted, so please include your e-mail address in the description of the donation so that we can notify you of the prize won. Let's help nature and it will reciprocate! Thank you!

Donation information:
Tetrijeb Animal Protection Association
Goranska 148, 51307 Prezid, CROATIA
IBAN: HR2924080021100040916
Partner Bank d.d. | Call number: 00 29-10-1974
Description: Donation to Tetrijeb Association

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